Hello Beautiful Soul, I’m Julie-Anne.

Natural Medicine Practitioner, Naturopath, Nutritional Therapist and Igniter of heart bonfires! I’m a people, animal and earth loving vegan and the founder and heartbeat of MindBodyPlanet.

MindBodyPlanet is born from a heartfelt place of kindness and compassion and a deep love for people, animals and mother nature. We care about your wellbeing and we care about the wellbeing of our planet and the environment we live in.

Benefits of Services at MBP


to all that matters, deepen your relationship to yourself, others and our wonderful planet.


your inner wisdom, take back your power and define your purpose.


your mind, body and soul with care, kindness and compassion.


your health and happiness, restore balance and harmony, improve your fitness and optimise your life.


Unleash the joy filled life you dream of and absolutely wholeheartedly deserve.

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Specific Benefits Of Services

I offer practical advice, support and assistance for many conditions like

Diet and Nutrition changes

Digestion and bowel disorders

Allergies and food intolerances

Chronic Fatigue

Cancer Treatment Immunity

Stress / Depression and Anxiety

Thyroid Issues

Skin Conditions

Female health

Hormonal Health

Male Health

Sports and Performance related conditions

About Julie Anne

I am a former Pop Artist turned Advanced Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist, Natural Medicine Practitioner, Meditation Teacher and igniter of heart bonfires. I’m a people, animal (cat mad lol) and earth loving vegan, who is mum to two fur babies, Oscar and Pip and I currently live in the East Midlands in the UK where I practise both in person from a bespoke built clinic and online through my heartfelt venture MINDBODYPLANET.

Born and raised in the UK . I’m English but spent lots of my adult life travelling the globe with my work, making friends and learning languages.

My passion - To live my absolute best life with great health, happiness and vitality and to help you guys and girls do exactly the same.

Big loves - My vegan lifestyle, all animals but especially my furbabies - (2 gorgeous cats- best friends ever). Nature and discovering our beautiful planet.

Past jobs Dental Nurse, Beauty & Holistic Therapist, Songwriter, Music Manager, Publisher and Popstar.

Qualifications & Trusted Memberships

Our Process

A Discovery Session and / or Consultation
Full Bespoke Treatment Plan
Weekly Coaching, Resources & Support
Ongoing Accountability


JulieAnne, thank you so much for helping me and the rest of the family in transitioning over to a vegan diet. I really do not think we could have done it without you. You have been a complete inspiration to me and have provided more support than I could have possibly imagined. I am particularly grateful for when you joined me on a shopping trip to illustrate how and where to source vegan foods from my local supermarkets, as well as the wealth of information you have… read more



I feel very blessed to have met Julie-Anne as her College Lecturer and now treasured friend.  Julie-Anne has a beautiful shining light inside her and as her Lecturer I saw a bright, intelligent and beautiful person who brought positive energy and so much to each class.  She is a dedicated, passionate and inspiring Therapist who has gone onto achieve amazing things.  I noticed immediately that she had innate therapeutic gifts and was very popular with clients and excelled in… read more



My name is Pamela aged 80 years old, I have suffered with Achalasia for 9 years and with acid reflux, I have tummy pain, feeling sick and I don’t want to eat at times. I was recommended to Julie-Anne by my son so rang her and made an appointment. At the consultation we talked for almost two hours about the troubles I was experiencing, Julie- Anne was so caring and understanding of what I was going … read more



JulieAnne is one of the most knowledgeable Naturopath / Nutritional Therapists I have ever met. Her enthusiasm for the subject and understanding of what we eat and how it affects us is first class. I had a problem with Gout (5 serious attacks in 2 years) and was prescribed medication for the rest of my life by my G.P. After extensive analysis of my medical history, lifestyle and diet amongst other … read more



I first met JulieAnne 2 years ago, not long after I had experienced a severe stroke. I was looking into Naturopathic Medicine and Herbal Remedies to help with the lack of mobility in my body and my general health. After a short chat, I met with JulieAnne for a consultation about the help she could offer me. Her knowledge and passion as she spoke about Naturopathy and Organic foods that could help, was amazing, so I followed her instructions. With her professional, supportive caring … read more

What Is Naturopathy?

Naturopathy or ‘nature cure’ is a philosophy, lifestyle and holistic healthcare system that has, as its principle, the healing power of nature and recognises the vital energy that should be present in all living things.

What is a Naturopath?

A Naturopath is a natural based holistic health care professional, whose aim is to work out how best to support each patient towards wellbeing – whether physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually or energetically by looking to identify and address the cause of the clients presenting symptoms.

What training and expertise does a Naturopath have?

​Naturopaths are therefore often experienced in multiple modalities with extensive training in a variety of methods taking many years, enabling them to draw upon many different options and combinations of care, tailored specifically, each and every time, to the patients needs.

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