“Real Gong Girl”
-The Metro

About Me

Singing at sunrise, drumming at sunset, mantra in in the mountains, native flutes in the forest.. I saw babies being sang into the world, & old souls passing on, surrounded by their loved ones singing them back home.  My experience with sound was transforming into a bridge towards reconnection, & a necessity for my existence!

When I returned to the UK in 2011 – I noticed that we experience sound in a much more structured, yet distant way – that perhaps contributes to the great disconnect in the western world.

I decided to make it my mission to explore sound as a bridge between myself, my soul, the community, & the world.

Initially I founded Play Around Sound – a musical adventure for children – exploring their creativity through music, poetry & play.

After achieving a 1st class business degree in 2007 – I hung my certificate on my parent’s dining room wall & set out to explore the world…

The next 6 years were full of adventure, spiralling through colour, chaos & cosmic wonder, & completely immersing myself in many different tribes, cultures & climates.

From the Amazon, to the Pyramids, Indian temples & many places in-between, I became fascinated with how sound seemed to be the central core of every tribe, the very fabric that weaved each community together.

I naturally progressed to learning sound therapy as a tool for healing & transformation – under the guidance of the legendary musical master, Tim Wheater.

Tim has been my greatest teacher, my mentor, my wacktastically weird & wonderful wingman, & a never-ending source of inspiration to me on my journey through sound.

We have been playing, performing & teaching together now for over 6 years  – & with him as my guide, I have become established as a leading pioneer in this constantly evolving field of sound therapy.

I founded Sister Sound Circle;  Skylight Lounge – a sacred space, celebrating & supporting women in our community. Together we sing, drum. share, laugh, cry, meditate & elevate our consciousness as one tribe.

As our sonic tonic empire has expanded, my unwavering belief, & supreme dedication to this path, has led me to my latest & greatest solo project:

 …my own brand of exquisite, affordable crystal bowls, tuning forks, shamanic drums & native flutes.

I intend for the cosmic colour, the quality & the divine feminine strength behind each piece from Cherabella to truly represent the essence of who I am, & my mission to not only help & heal through the ancient wisdom of sound, but also to inspire others that if you believe in your dreams, the reality you can create – is one that you love…

My Sound Journey highlights so far…

Performing alongside Human League’s Martyn Ware, Goldfrappe’s Will Gregory, & Portishead’s Adrian Utley, at the Elbphilharmonie Orchestra Hall, Hamburg – showcasing our world premiere of our soundscape; Altered Human.

Performing debut single with emerging band Astral Cats – on the top floor of the Shard, London – as seen on BBC Sunday Live & The Telegraph.

Collaborating with Martyn Ware, for a Picasso Sound Art interpretation at The National Portrait Gallery, London.

Key Note Speaker at The Global Sound Healing Conference, Malvern.

Collaborating with Maison Fish, for an epic Iceland yoga & sound retreat.

…and the best is yet to come….

Join our Cherabella tribe! Come along to our sister sound circle, our monthly sound activation events, treat yourself to a private sound journey, or join us for one of our sensational sound retreats!

Love & High Vibrations